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About me...


1955 - I was born in Bialystok, Poland.

1979 - M.Sc., E.E. - Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics.

1979 - I joined the Bialystok University of Technology,
             Faculty of Electrical Engineering and it goes on...

1987 - Ph.D. - Szczecin University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
             (here: my thesis, in Polish).

2006 - Habilitation - Wroclaw University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics
             (here: my monograph, in Polish).

2008 - Professor of Bialystok University of Technology.

From 2009 - Member of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Section of the Electronics and Telecommunication Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN).

Professional interest: electromagnetic compatibility, high frequency techniques, numerical methods in electromagnetics.

Expert of the Polish Electrical Engineers Association (SEP) in lightning protection, electromagnetic compatibility, techniques of measurements, software engineering.

IEEE Senior Member.

Updated: 6.03.2014.