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About me...

1955 - I was born in Bialystok, Poland.

1979 - M.Sc., E.E. - Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics.

1979 - I joined the Bialystok University of Technology,
           Faculty of Electrical Engineering and this goes on...

1987 - Ph.D. - Szczecin University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
           (here: my thesis, in Polish).

2006 - Habilitation (D.Sc.) - Wroclaw University of Technology,
           Faculty of Electronics (here: my monograph, in Polish).

2008 - Professor of Bialystok University of Technology.

2013 - Head of Department of Telecommunications and Electronic Apparatus.

Karol Aniserowicz on ResearchGate

At present:
- Member of the Council of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Bialystok University of Technology);
- Vice-chair of the Commission A (Electromagnetic Metrology) of the Polish National Committee URSI;
- Member of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Section of the Electronics and Telecommunication Committee
  of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN);
- Member of the Polish Association of Applications of Electromagnetism (PTZE);
- Member of the Board of the Polish Committee for Lightning Protection;
- Member of the SEP (Polish Electrical Engineers Association; Silver and Gold Badges of Honor);
- IEEE Senior Member.

Expert of the Polish Electrical Engineers Association (SEP) in lightning protection, electromagnetic compatibility, techniques of measurements, software engineering.

Professional interest: electromagnetic compatibility, high frequency techniques, numerical methods in electromagnetics.

In the past:
- Head of the doctoral studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (2008-2012);
- Member of the University Senate (2012-2016);
- IEEE EMC Society Chapter Chair, IEEE Poland Section (2008-2009);
- Member of the IEEE EMC Society Board as the Past Chair (2010-2013).

Operation of a railway spark gap

Updated: 03.10.2018.