Photo gallery

The empty room before the event.

Krashan demonstrates AmigaOS 4.1 on his Pegasos 2.

DigiBooster 3 beta on AmigaOS 4.1 (Pegasos 2).

Attendants waiting for the start of presentations.

There were classic Amigas and 8-bit computers too.

Krashan starts the first presentation.

MadMan and his small IBM laptop.

The latest OWB beta version for MorphOS.

Free talks between presentations.

Phibrizzo's Efika in a nice satellite tuner box.

Tygrys brought his ZX Spectrum +2.

Rzookol demonstrates Ambient features.

MadMan plays with his air mattress...

Pump it up, man!

Amiga 1200 IRC station.

Just a PC with "Apache helicopter" class fan.

DigiBooster3 beta on Pegasos 2 (left) and Efika (right).

DigiBooster 3 with 2.x-like GUI skin.

Drako's Pegasos 2 and Efika (on top).

Kosher's Efika has some nice translucency effects.

Rzookol thinks about next Polish Amiga community integration initiatives.

I'm sure I've seen this Amiga above already...

Madman's laptop, beamer, webcam - usual party stuff...

Madman (on the left) and Phibrizzo.

From left: Rzookol, Drako, MarX, MaaG^dA, [unknown], Krashan, MadMan.

Retrocomputing corner.

When we will see MorphOS on this nice machine?

Some nice PowerDev inspired artwork.

Flea has been very mysterious. She only allowed us to take the photo of her ID badge.

From the left: Sir Lucas, MaaG^Da, Taurus.

Atari on Amiga meeting!

ZX Spectrum +2 in action.

Another boring photo with computers.